Tuesday, October 4, 2011

MetroDolls Does It Again! ~ Congratulations!!

Attending the annual MetroDolls Event is always fun and rewarding.  This year the funds raised by 'A Gothic Romance'  were given to 'Autism Speaks'. The incredible amount was $15,033.00!  Congratulations to MetroDolls and to all those who contributed to make this event so successful!

The souvenirs are as beautiful as ever and I even won the beautiful 'Sterling Nights' Tyler!  I purchased the Companion Doll, Emma, who features the Glinda sculpt, a favorite of mine.

It was very special to see old friends again and a pleasure to meet new collectors.  Now I have a few new faces to put to names I see at Prego!

Thank you again, MetroDolls, for making it such an enjoyable time for us.  And many thanks for continuing your hard work for the charities you have so generously helped.